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AdolescentPsychotherapy with children and adolescents can be especially challenging, since each developmental stage has important tasks for the child/teen to master. I typically do play and talk therapy with children ages 6 through 10. With older children I help them do more problem-solving and we work as a "team" through discussion and co-created homework assignments. This approach allows your child to learn through experience what works best with friends and family, at home and at school

Adolescents are often preoccupied with autonomy, friends, and their changing bodies. Identity issues, mood swings and separating from the family are concerns for the parent and the teen. Recent brain research has revealed that your teen's judgment and impulse control aren't fully developed until around age 25 (though most parents don't need research to tell them this!). mark twain quote

Acting out behaviors can sometimes involve the juvenile justice system. This involvement can actually be useful for therapy. The adolescent gets an important message regarding his or her behavior and the real-world consequences of breaking the law. And the repercussions of problem behavior later in life are considerably more severe and punitive.

I have worked for many years with the Marin County juvenile justice system. I also work closely with parents, teachers, and other important people in a child's life. Psychotherapy with children and teens may be relatively brief, as children have fewer "layers" of defenses than adults. I believe all children deserve a happy childhood, and having an impartial adult who can listen to the child and guide the parent can be invaluable.

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