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Men and Masculinity
Men learn early in life that they need to prove themselves, to master their anger, and to separate from the nurturing they received as a boy. This can be stressful, confusing, and lead to negative behaviors which further isolate young men from the support they need. Sometimes these behaviors make a bad situation worse. More >>

Children and Adolescents
Growing up to be a healthy adult can be hard work. Children and teens don't always see how their behavior creates problems for themselves and others. I help kids with issues concerning self esteem, classroom behavior, bullying, friendships and their relationships with their parents. More >>

Putting down the toilet seat, taking out the trash and minding the kids are only part of the reason you argue. These are symbolic of deeper issues that reflect how you grew up, the need to "win" the argument, how our brains are wired and survival. More >>

Sexuality and Communication
Talking about sexuality with our significant other can be so loaded with shame that the conversation might never happen. Whether there is an imbalance of desire, or we want a different way to express our sexuality, or we believe our partner is "addicted" to sex, coming to some resolution about these issues will strengthen your relationship. More >>

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